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Haichan is an imageboard that runs entirely on the BSV blockchain.

Every time you make a post on Haichan, you're also writing a transaction to the blockchain.

The post itself is embedded as data inside the transaction.

Every post can be referenced by the wallet address that was used to sign the transaction. This means that everything you do can not only be tipped, but monetized.

If you post a meme and it gets re-posted or goes viral, you'll receive tips each time the image is posted.

The b:// image protocol is the current standard for on-chain images and media. Because any content stored on the blockchain is immutable, these links can be re-used indefinitely across any compatible service.

For example, you could upload a meme on Twetch, and then someone else might use that same meme in their Haichan thread, which is then linked to on Open Directory, and so on.

To post on Haichan, you'll need a compatible web wallet such as Money Button or RelayOne, as well as some Bitcoin SV to get started. If you don't have any BSV and don't know where to get any, join our Telegram group or shoot us an email.